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Introduce yourself

Post  maffew on Thu May 31, 2012 8:52 am

Hi - I didn't think there were any cajon forums out there! But there are. My name's Matt and I've been playing cajon for 2 years. I play a hybrid of drum and bass/jungle/flamenco and hip hop with my band More Like Trees.

I was sold on cajon the second I touched one, and I've barely even sat at a drum kit since. The range of sounds you achieve is just amazing, and I don't think i've played a more versatile percussive instrument. So hello!


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Re: Introduce yourself

Post  56amboy on Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:34 am

Hello Maffew,

Thanks for the tip on the thumbs. I've tried different approaches using the thumb but the side of the knuckle is what works -- so I'll just "man-up" and quit whining like a girl. I'm new to the cajon as well & was taken by it the 1st time I laid hands on one. In fact I'm new to hand drumming / percussion. Years ago I used to play guitar & bass and recently started beating on skins & boxes. I never played with a group -- always just for personal enjoyment. I've checked out your group More Like Trees -- the chemistry amongst you shines thru. I'll "show some love" & download some of you tunes in the near soon. Best of luck to you & the Trees!



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